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Need your help again guys. I ordered some parts off Midway but not sure if I goofed.

On the recoil spring guide rod I bought, the end that mates with the frame looks very different. It's curved and sticks out more, where as the STI FLGR is flat, sharper, and more recessed. I bought a "Colt 1-Piece Recoil Spring Guide Rod 1911 Goverment, Colt Gold Cup". It doesn't seem to fit flush into the frame like my original STI FLGR. The new Colt guide rod sticks out and only the center raised portion is in contact with the frame. It also doesn't fit all the way in. Is this OK? Do I need a different GI guide rod or do I need to get it fitted?

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Image 1: Colt guide rod on left and STI FLGR on right. Face that mates with frame is different.

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