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Originally Posted by surf View Post
I guess I am a little opposite. I really don't like the weight of the added magnifier and wouldn't run one mounted full time anyway. I do have an EoTech flip to the side and an XPS but it isn't my working rifle nor would I want that set up on my working weapon. I would think that if I ran a magnifier set up I would keep it detached from the rifle and only mount it if needed. I cannot see needing that quick of a flip access for my uses. Man sized hits with the EoTech is doable enough out to 500+, but realistically I would never fall into that category. If I needed magnification for more precision or perhaps observation, I am quite sure I would have the time to mount it or just use it like a monocular.

Again, I am not a fan of a magnifier on my battle type carbine anyway, but that is just my own preferences that suits my particular uses. I will also say that I like the glass better on the Aimpoint magnifier than on my latest gen EoTech.
Surf that is how I feel about it myself. I don't believe it is something I will use all the time. Just an accessory that I will use from time to time. Mostly when shooting 200 and 300 yards at the range. I dont compete with the rifle it is just a fun toy that I like to run drills with. To boot that with my upper is 10.5".. lol
got ammo?
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