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Originally Posted by LWD Armorer View Post
For a friend, a few weeks ago I built up a 20L solid slide, 20lb ISM recoil spring, 6" Threaded 10MM barrel with our 10MM comp. When he came over to pick up the slide we test fired Remington 180gr & Blazer 200gr out of the upper. She was a gem to shoot. Depending on how hot the ammo; you can still run heavier recoil springs or step down to lighter ones when using weaker paper punching ammo.

With the set up above, the spent rounds were coming out about a foot, so a 22lb spring could have caused issues. VERY low muzzle rise; recoil felt like shooting a soft 40 S&W.

Since then I have built several long slides with the threaded/comp set up. But no one has told me what ammo they were using or how they performed. In my line of business, no news is good news.

Sorry, only two links to my buddies set up. He is working on graphics now. Guess we are going to custom engrave the whole slide soon.

so I guess I see a 20lb spring in the future along with a threaded barrel if i want to try this set up. I/you have my 22lb one awaiting the slide to get back from re refinsihing. But I would love to try the comp out on the 20L I bet it is sweet for sure! thanks for the links always like gun porn
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