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In fact, the "living historians" at Charleston fudged the history more than a little by firing their first shot at the fort at 6:45 in the morning rather than at the very famous historical time of 4:30 a.m.
Then, when the mortar shot was finally fired to begin the reenactment, it barely sailed up 40 yards or so into the sky, although the noise it made was, according to the Charleston Post and Courier, "thunderous." But the newspaper also reported that the pyrotechnics left something to be desired: Rather than the "star shell" of a century and a half ago, the explosion seemed more like a "bottle rocket." The fireworks technician in charge of the mortar shot explained that the burst was "intentionally weak, as a safety precaution to the crowds of people on hand to witness the waterfront ceremony." So much for historical accuracy.
I read the link until I came across the above two quoted areas. Then I laughed at the author and closed the tab.

Does this guy honestly think the re enactments should start at 4:30am just because the battle did? How many people do you think would be there to see it? I doubt many were there at 6:45am either.

Apparently they should also use full power realistic explosions according to the author.
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