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Originally Posted by iluv2viddyfilms View Post
So you have not shot the Springfield loaded. I deduce this by your refusal to answer the question and divert. Fair enough, you're critiquing a gun you've never fired.

So long woodrowboy... and yes I use the adjective boy because when you resort to the ad hominem fallacy you are a boy. And the "I'm losing IQ by having a conversation with you," is a worn cliche'. And yes I'm being a boy now.

But the question still remains, which I'm sure you'll have a clever reply to without actually answer it...

deduce as you please, sherlock. yes, i have shot a springfield loaded at B&R outdoor range. he didn't have a trophy match, so i had to settle for a 1991a1. the colt didn't have as many bells and whistles, but gracefully held it's own. i didn't feel the need to defend myself, as seldom do i argue on GT.

there's nothing wrong with the loaded, i just don't like the asthetics.

and however old and worn the cliche "i'm losing IQ conversing with you" is, the song remains the same.

and there's no need to shout.

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