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Originally Posted by LUNG-G19 View Post
I just saw this today in a utube video. Im thinking of grabbing one, Ive been considering it for some time now. Just wondered what you guys thought about it. I checked out the link it is 50% off and free shipping and a few other goodies he says. KZ Scorpion Pen or something, what ever that is.. lol

Is the twist mount good to go, thumbs up, thumbs down??

Here is the link and the video -

Sale Linky

video link

cross posted thread, here and arf just to get more opinions, thanks
Either setup will require storage space on your rig if dismounted from the rifle, but flip-to-side can remain mounted but out of the sighting plane until needed, and change of position is instantaneous.

Don't know from what you're starting, or your budget, but another great alternative - also from ****** - is the EOTech XPS2 holosight *and* 3X magnifier with flip-mount for $904. That's the setup I have, and it just flat works.

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