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The parts of the gun that contact the holster, at least in the critical dimensions, are the same size as a .40 caliber glock. Most .40S&W glock holsters will fit a 36 equally well.
Originally Posted by Black&TAN View Post
About to pick up a G36, and looking at best carry options, I haven't found near the selection of holsters for this pistol as with other Glocks.

I love my Bianchi Carry Loc Model 82-- it's got a fast, natural draw, and the added comfort of knowing it will stay put until I need it While it's great for G23 daily carry, equally so with a G19C, I am a bit concerned that the slight variances in dimensions will effect the fit of a G36.

Bianchi lists all above noted models as compatible with the Model 82 Size 11, but this holster is well past the break-in period.

Are there any thoughts on using the same holster for multiple Glocks, particularly with a G36?
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