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I use a lee 4 die kit ... I use taper/ crimp die. I put a bullet in the die and screw it in till it makes contact with the bullet, then back the bullet out then screw the die in a 1/4 turn.

Is using the last die even necessary? I size and deprime then bell the case just enough then seat the bullet then crimp the case to debell the case. I am new still and learning the lingo but I believe I don't crimp but I tapper
Using the Lee FCD (4th die) is not necessary. But I find it more consistent to crimp in a final step using it. If your using the bullet seating/crimp die to crimp, I would suggest you seat a bullet in an unprimed, uncharged case to your required OAL, with the die backed out to not contact the case mouth. Then, back out the bullet seater, loosen the die lock nut, and with the ram in the full up position with the same round in place, screw the die in until you contact the case mouth, you will feel it touch. lower the ram slightly, and turn the die in 1/4 turn. Raise the ram to taper crimp the round. You should see just a tad of shiny brass where the taper crimp took place. I would disassemble the round to verify the crimp did not deform the bullet. if it did, repeat using 1/8th turn and a new bullet and resized, re flared brass. After you've got that figured out you can lock the die down, raise the ram, and lower the seater plug until it contacts the bullet. Make a note of how much you turned in the die for the desired taper crimp and you won't have to repeat the process again.
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