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Originally Posted by Gray_Rider View Post
In addition. My own grandfather was a slave. He was a slave in the 20's and 30's and 40's to the coal industry. He was cheated when they weighed the coal he loaded. He was paid in worthless "scrip" that could only be used in company stores that over charged him for the food and clothes needed for his family. He lived in shantys called company houses and charged ruinous rent for said housing. He worked when he had the flu. He often worked standing in icy water that was higher than his knee high work boots. He worked with sprains. He worked with cracked ribs. He worked when he had chicken pox, and he blacked his face with shoe polish to cover the red marks, BEFORE he reported for work. Had he not showed up for work he would have been fired and his family left destitute. Once my grandfather's helmet brushed an electric wire overhead. The jolt knocked him to his knees and he bit the stem of the pipe he was smoking in two! He went back to work. My father told of sitting down to flour and water gravy mixed with a little pork grease poured over bread for meals. One year my father got an orange for Christmas. ONE ORANGE! If this wasn't slavery I'd like your definition! Few slaves were treated like this in the Old South. Lives depended upon them. They cost a small fortune to replace. Yeah guys, cry me a river over the poor down trodden slaves in the old South, and how mean and terrible the plantation owners were. A slave owner would have been hung had he treated his slaves in any such manner.

Deo Vindice!
So you have departed trying to argue FACTS concerning what secession was about and instead are going to defend slavery as a legitimate institution.

In the story above your father is not quite a slave, he could have left traveled elsewhere and sought other work. a Slave did not have that right.

Now I said not quite a slave, because he had choices, but I would agree that the mine owners reflect the southern aristocracy (Slave owners) that ruled the South for many generations. IN the south poor whites were barely above enslaved blacks on the social scale.

Traditionally the South was one of the LEAST democratic areas of the Country.
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