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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
Your answer does not address the issue you raised and I replied to. Your claim was the Confederate flag did not stand for racism. I maintain that given the historical facts it indeed does stand for that.

I have ancestors on both sides of the conflict, though all southerners, my fathers side of the family fought for the Union while my mothers were confederates. Personally I do not feel the least bit of pride that some of my ancestors committed treason and took up arms against the US.

I said that the Confederate flag does not stand for racism in todays world. Sure some people use it like that, but it doesnt mean that everyone that has a Confederate flag is racist. It is still part of the Georgia State Flag. Ultimately it is just a flag/symbol it can mean any number of things to different people.

I agree that it has a bad rep due to the racist groups such as the KKK, but to me it is just a symbol. I am still proud that they fought for what they beleived in.

And not trying to argue with you, because I have respect for you. But the part about the South committed treason, that is very much correct. But America committed treason against Great Brittan by signing the declaration of independence, and the revolutionary war.
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