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Originally Posted by Dragoon44 View Post
How could that be? is not the confederate flag the symbol of the Confederacy?

What did the Confederacy stand for? Despite the revisionist history put forth by the Neo Confederates today who have swallowed the myth of the "Lost cause" started by the losing confederates right after the war The evidence of what the Confederacy stood for is plainly stated in the confederates own words before and during the war.

How much more racist can you get than to believe that by virtue of your own race you have the right to enslave someone of another race?

I dont want to argue why the civil war took place, or why the South left the Union.

I am proud of my herritage, and my ancestors that fought and died under that flag. They fought and died for what the believed in, whether it was right or wrong, they had the courage to fight for what they wanted.

Times are different today than in the mid 1800's. I think most people will agree that slavery was wrong, and that all men are equal. But back then it was not the case.

I dont agree with reason the war was fought, but I am proud that the brave men fought for what they believed was right. Hell alot of the South didnt even have guns, farmers were out fighting with whatever they had.
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