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Originally Posted by Kegs View Post
So is this SammuraiRabbi a Jewish religious leader residing in Japan with the Shogun...or...

is he one of the Shogun's warriors who decided that to trade those in international power for superior metals in which to make the katana, he would become ordained in Judaism as a preferred position in which to help protect the ancient sect?

My professional lineage is not from Japan. We trace ourselves back to the sacking of Rome by the Germanic tribes. Attila the Hun is well known in history; less known is his second cousin Aguilla the Accountant, who kept the books on the sacking loot. A major opportunity was missed when Aguilla's advice on proper looting standards was ignored; if his judgement had been followed, 1) Rome would have continued to dominate the Western World for two more millenia, and 2) the Huns would have had cash flow out the wazoo for the same period! The Dungeon Financial Types really hate it when an opportunity this immense is blown.

By the way: if those oriental characters are actually some sort of heinous insult, YOUR cash flow is toast.
Samurai Rabbi

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