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Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
Restful healing sleep Sweetheart.: hearts:: smootchie:: iloveyou:
I won't say totally restful, but it was an improvement over the (lack of) sleep I've had lately.

Originally Posted by bowbender7 View Post
Wolfe, check out the latest caption photo.. Okie fashioned a crude flying machine to fly to your coordinates and ask for your hand. He's wearing a suit too !
Linky please? My search-fu seems to be failing me.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I'm glad to see you're having a good time, SG.
I am too, and I'm jealous I can join them. I'd love to meet MrsKitty and Eyescream too. Maybe someday.

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post

I hope you were able to rest LW. I'm getting ready to have a peach daiquiri. I'll have one for you too.: supergrin:
Yummmmmm. Don't feel like you have to stop at just one for me!

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
Wolfe, she PM'd me that, too. They must make you pay for the cuss words you use on the course now, so she bought the golf s***. She replied that she couldn't afford the words she uses.

I've been okay. Last week was crazy. My daughter in-law's mother died unexpectantly Tuesday morning and our daughter had gallbladder surgery on Wednesday. We had company all week. Oh, and we got a new roof on our old house where my daughter lives the day after the surgery. And Saturday night we were fishing in our backyard with our son and grandkids. My son was throwing back a catfish and dropped it and it stabbed him in the knee with it's side fin. I had to cut the fin to get the fish off. We had to go to the ER to get it cut out, tetanus shot and Augmentin.

The house is empty and quiet tonight. The dog is moping because he misses the boys.
She shouldn't feel bad, I'd be so far in debt it wouldn't be funny if I had to pay for cuss words.

Wow, you had an insane week. Prayers for all of you that need it right now. Poor doggie. I've missed you around here, but I can sure see why. I sure hope things are more peaceful for you now.

Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
Wolfe I just have a minute to check in on you and am glad to see you are feeling better. Your doctor and our prayers have been helping you tremendously and I plan to keep them up. I only wish you could have the same doctor after you return home.
My doc kept me sedated all day again, then paroled me for a few hours this evening so I could do some stuff I had to. He's being smart, because the stuff I've had to do these last few days can be done at night, he's keeping me inside until the heat of the day has passed. But I was due back 15 minutes ago. He's changed up my sleep cocktail again and the one I've been on the last few days is working pretty good. I'm hoping that lasts longer than it usually does. They work good for a couple days, then not so much. My chest hasn't been screaming quite so bad, in part because I'm so doped up 10 hours out of the day right now.

I'll bet you wish I could jkeep the same shrink too, don't you? I know I do. He said yesterday that he thinks I've made miles of progress of dealing with the guilt and that what I feel is pretty normal, that it'd never go away completely. He said this after a long session of asking me questions about the subject, and getting me to edfend Greg's honor several times. He told me I'd never like the choice he made while I was thinking about Greg dying, but that's normal. He said he wants me to put all the crap I've sorted through back in my head in a way that I can live with.

OK, I better go before the medic shows up with a butterfly net, or worse still, a bat. Nite all.
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