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I'm OK for now, my doc paroled me for a while today to do some stuff that couldn't wait, but I'm going back shortly. He's trying a new sleep cocktail on me tonight. He told me the main reason I need to stay for a few nights is neither one of us will be here much longer and he wants to get me as far along as possible in the time left. I can't argue that, he's really done me a lot of good. I also had a session with my shrink today that I'll have to tell more about later, as my ride will be here any minute. He did mention that writing assignment again today, but I already knew he wasn't going to forget. Go to go, nite all, and your prayers and good thoughts are reaching me here. Thank you.
Wolfe I just have a minute to check in on you and am glad to see you are feeling better. Your doctor and our prayers have been helping you tremendously and I plan to keep them up. I only wish you could have the same doctor after you return home.
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I mean, Iím mentally ill, not mentally deficient! There's a difference between psycho and stupid.
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