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Originally Posted by Silent_Runner View Post
I spoke briefly with Wolfe a little while ago and her doctor kept her at the hospital. From what she said the reason was precautionary as she she seems to be feeling better. I was only on the phone with her for a couple minutes before the network she curses so roundly dropped the call. She did say she will try to get online this evening her time. Please say a prayer that all is as well as it can be for her.
Yep, damn hajji cell phone stayed connected about 2 minutes....

Silent_Runner is right, I'm still among you. I went it with a painful breathing attack that kept getting worse, and my doc was concerned that recent repairs may not be healing well because there's no such thing as laying around and resting over here. So he decided I was going to lay down and rest whether I liked it or not, and he's got the meds to back that up. So here I am, and I'm staying tonight too. At least I'll get some much-needed sleep out of the deal. Plus the breathing attack hasn't come back today, at least not yet.

Originally Posted by gemeinschaft View Post

LW, the next time you are having difficulty breathing, it is ok to put down the keyboard and just sit back and relax.

Trust me, when those attacks start I do lean beack from the computer. If I'm some place where I can lay down I do that too. I try the relaxing thing and keep muscle relaxers with me 24/7 to try to ease the attacks also. Sometimes that works, other times it take more.

I'll have to address the rest of your comments later, the medic walked me over to a computer and told me I have 10 minutes. That was about 20 minutes ago, so I got to make this quick. Nite all, and thanks for the prayers.
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