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Crisis, tell me more about jacket separations in Golden Saber .40. I haven't run across that. Tulsa PD, for one, seems to have had a very good record with 165 grain Golden Saber .40 in actual shootings, according to folks from there I've asked.

In the lower priced stuff, there are none of the truly "economy" lines that are in the top tier for .40 S&W defense loads. In "standard" as opposed to "premium" loads (read: "medium price") the Winchester Silvertip .40 (155 grain JHP at a nominal 1200 foot-seconds) has performed superbly in shootings I've run across. Amazing and consistent expansion, optimum penetration depth, and very rapid cessation of hostilities. Turns out to be extremely accurate for the caliber, to boot.

Should you run across them, other medium price loads that have established excellent track records in .40 include the "standard line" Remington Express 155 grain JHP and the Federal Classic 155 grain JHP, both also running in the 1200 foot second velocity range.

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