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You will need one of our slides:

You will need it refinished in black:

Then I polish the three slides of the slide to give it that custom look, or you could do it your self. I think polishing the sides is $35 labor.

That is the cheapest way of doing it. Dogman 10x had me build the complete slide if I remember correctly (slide, barrel, guide rod and spring, internals, sights) If you already have a Glock you can rob the internals and even sights to keep the cost down but then you would have an empty OEM slide on your hands…. If you have any questions JoeCitizen, just call us, our sales staff will be able to help you with any custom job you are looking for.

Dogman 10x,
Going to do that video for you today, LWD-21L45TH barrel and LWD-COMP45. Look for it soon.
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