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Hello Vietboy1st,

I've played with a PVS-14A Auto-Gated monocular with 3x Mil NV Lens mounted behind an NV compatible EOTech XPS-3 on one of my AR-15 carbines. To my surprise, actually worked quite well in the same way an EOTech 3x magnifier would perform during daytime applications. The ghost ring reticle was magnified 3x in NV mode and I actually liked it better than the 1x size. (Guess I'm getting old and need the larger reticle...)

That said, we now only offer military grade NV systems and accessories. These items by their very nature are not cheap unfortunately. While we would apply a discount to forum members this US made equipment commands priding well beyond commercial grade systems. If you already have a compatible PVS-14 series monocular, small arms weapon mount and EOTech XPS-3,...then we would be happy to quote you on the NV 3x magnifier. Just keep in mind that you need an extended rail on your AR to accommodate this setup.

Best Regards,

Steve Gibbons
US Night Vision Corproation
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