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Or.... the "scumbag" was an undercover LEO who needed to use the ATM and when he saw you "go for your gun" ducked behind cover and opened fire at you. Store video clearly shows you grabbing your gun under your shirt.

Originally Posted by CoyoteDrifter View Post
Sometimes you don't need to draw to diffuse a situation. One time I was in a convience store with my wife. She went over to use the ATM in the store. While she was standing there a scumbag came in, circled around an isle and started walking toward her. I knew by the way he was walking (fast) and looking around that he wasn't shopping. I stepped in between them, placed my hand on my gun (IWB holster) under my shirt and looked him straight in the eye. By the look on his face he immediately knew what it meant. He abruptly turned around, scoffed something off a shelf, and zipped out the door. This wasn't a life threatening situation so I wasn't justified in pulling the gun, but I effectively changed the outcome without "brandishing".
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