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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Quite a few people have come here over the last ten years wondering why their Glock doesn't work, or why it fires more than one shot when they pull the trigger after having done a $.25 trigger job....with a Dremel tool.
And I may ask, how to you get to fire more than one shot with a single trigger pull ?

My brother just returned from LE training, and was trying to describe to me the "double tap", where you don't let the trigger completely reset but it will still fire, but seems to work best on his gun which has a modified 8.5lb trigger pull.

I have a 3.5lb trigger on mine from lonewolf; although I can fire fast, I can't doubletap it.

I'm going to try the nail file method, see if I can get it smoother, doesn't feel too great now despite the gentler pull recently added.
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