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I have a 1911 para frame pistol that I built in a custom caliber. Its a .30 mauser necked to .224. I called it .22-30 sbs. 45gr hornady bee bullets hit 2000fps from 6 inch bbl. Load is 9.5 gr hlilgun and cci 450 primer. 50kpsi+! The slide needed lightening, and I run 7lb rec spr. And 19 lb mainspring. But still only get 80% reliability. Function and misfires still bug me. Too much mass in the barrel because of that tiny hole instead of a big one. Primers neeed to be hard and thick. Also tried aa1680,vvn105,w296/h110,4227 and others. Cases made by annealing using a heatsink since they are too short to stand in water. First test gun was a t/c encore 20inch bbl. 2600 fps same loads! Pushed 35gr vmax to 3000 fps. Got maybe 1000 rds in rifle and 500 in pistol .........both fine. Did replace firing pins after some dragging and flame erosion/piercing w/early loads. Total cost w/r&d,parts,dies,reamer is above $5000.00
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