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A couple years back someone attempted to break into my grandparents house while my grandmother was home alone. I arrived at the sametime as the police. They did not find anyone lurking around the outside of the house so they left. I looked out the window because we were expecting my brother and noticed the tailights on one of the cars were lit up. I went outside to find someone in the car. He may have been there the whole time. I called 911 and wait for them to dispatch the officers back out. The BG saw me and got out. Started to climb the fence to come into the yard. I drew and did not have to fire. When the officers arrived they knew from the 911 call that was being played over the radio that I was armed and had the BG at gunpoint because he attempted to come over the fence. The officer arrived and I put my gun on the ground and stepped back. The officers did not draw on me. The BG was arrested for attempted breaking and entering and trespassing. Once they had him in custody and finished the report, they gave me my EDC back. I asked them what ramifications I would be facing and they said none. I think it really.depends on the responding officers and how you conduct yourself. I would do it again if I had to but hope it never comes to it again. I did not get charged with anything or made to feel by the LEO that I had done anything wrong. It definitely changes your view and thought process when you have to draw. I would have shot him had he come into the fenced area.

FYI....this was in a major metropolitan area in NC.
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