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"...unsupported conclusions..." Yeah, a LEO that has been shot at while on duty, injured with combatant gunfire, or killed in the line of duty are scenarios with unsupported conclusions. WTF are you smoking and why are you posting this troll crap here?

In truth, fatalities are down across the board for LEOs and non-LEOs: medical technology and med. education has jumped light years from your 1974 example of just fatalities. The stats to look at are attempted homicides and deadly assault , which have quadrupled since 1954, across the board of LEOs and non-LEOs alike.

"Media hype" that supports the LE community gets your dander up, eh? Career bad guys are on duty 24 hrs a day, LEOs are on duty 8-12 hrs a day keeping them in check. If YOU want to be on duty 24 hrs a day protecting your family because you don't like cops, go to it. Good luck.

Coating your anti-LEO sentiment with a lightly veiled comment about LE heroism is cowardly.

Originally Posted by JSandi View Post
Some police advocates have drawn unsupported conclusions from this rash of attacks, claiming*that they are tied to rising anti-police sentiment, anti-government protest, or a lack of adequate gun control laws.

In truth, on-the-job police fatalities have dropped nearly 50 percent during the last 20 years, even as the total number of cops has doubled. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 279 cops were killed on the job in 1974, the worst year on record.
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