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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
Part of the answer is in EOD's post.

You are correct, some officers are too lazy and have become too complacent and forget or disregard skills they have learned. However, generally speaking our training, tactics, and equipment have come a long ways in the past 30 years.

In response to one of our people being killed on a traffic stop back in the early eighties, we changed our procedures to calling in ALL motor vehicle stops on the radio instead of only night stops, riding dual patrols on the midnight shift, adapted the H&K P7M8 service weapon in place of the revolvers we carried, put shotguns in the cars, made kevlar vests standard issue, and even went so far as to not make our "trooper of the year" award public. We in law enforcement have been improving and evolving over the decades.
I worked with one partner for about a year. He was a better driver and I was better using the MDT and digging up information. He would roll his eyes whenever I put us out over the radio for traffic stops (all the time).

One week I was away on annual leave and he stopped a suspicious car with out of province plates (from Washington state) on a quiet residential street. He had not put himself out on a traffic stop. When he approached the car he recognized the driver as one of our local mutants and opened the driver door. The driver put the car in reverse and the constable found himself sharing the front seat with the driver in a fist fight as the car careened across an intersection and hit a stop sign coming to a stop. During this my partner tried to broadcast on his radio which somehow ended up on another patrol district channel. They both spilled out of the car and the suspect managed to get both snaps undone on the holster during the fight (Safariland 070) with only the internal retention left. Fearing a gun grab he drew his pistol and continued to fight until cover arrived. It was a fresh stolen that had not been reported yet.

My partner never rolled his eyes at me again when I always put us out on traffic stops. He's lucky that he didn't end up on our memorial wall.
We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

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