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2nd open carry excursion for me... Sunday we needed some stuff (coffee, ice cream, watermelon, soda, etc.) at the local grocery shop, Giant Eagle on 228 in Cranberry Twp. Decided that since I couldn't make the open carry walk on the other side of the state in Philadelphia the least I could do was open carry locally.

Wearing charcoal t-shirt, jeans shorts, and sandals... put on my Don Hume OWB slide holster with the Kahr PM9, tucked in my shirt, and headed to the store.

Parked, got out, and walked up to the store... nobody yelled "Hey JUNIOR!"... not sure anyone actually even noticed. Walked past several people that obviously didn't notice. Wandered into the store, grabbed a cart and proceeded to get my groceries. Pretty sure a couple of people noticed but nobody even raised an eyebrow. Paid, checkout kid didn't see it, walked the groceries out to the car and loaded them in the trunk.

Remembered that we were out of Bailey's and I was low on gin so headed back up to the store (there is a liquor store attached to the GE). When I walked in the door I smiled and said "Hi" to the cashier who smiled back... her eyes scanned me, saw the gun, no reaction. I just kept going. Grabbed the Bailey's and some Bombay and headed back to the registers... the cashier that saw me had left her register and headed up to the office... picked a different register with a guy working it and checked out. Walked out to the car, loaded up, headed home.

Completely calm the entire time, no butterflies, no tunnel vision... completely different event than the first time. Amazing what a little mental preparation can do for you.

I'm curious what the cashier in the liquor store was thinking... I don't know if her leaving her register was related to me or not. All the other registers were manned and the store wasn't busy so there was no one in line. Maybe I'm just too sensitive.
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