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Originally Posted by Keyhole View Post
Glad you had fun. I really enjoy my local IDPA group. And if you haven't heard it already, focus on accuracy and let the speed come later.
If I had a nickle for every time somebody said that too me, the match would have been paid for. I knew to watch my sights, but something about that buzzer just scrambled my brain and erased years of training.

Originally Posted by November Sunrise View Post
How do you like your Remington 1911? I am looking very closely at one myself.
After shooting it, I realized that a mil-spec 1911 isn't an ideal gun for personal defense or competition unless you're planning on adding accessories as you go. I've already installed a Chip McCormick beavertail, and I'm planning on adding an extended safety, and possibly a Wilson Combat mag well.

Originally Posted by DustyDawg48 View Post
That is great that you started doing that. Showing up for the first match is the most difficult thing you'll do. And you are right that nothing shines a light on what skills need work more than operating under stress. Just keep at it and post when you have a match!
Yeah, I'm hooked now. Our club does a match the first Saturday of every month. Hopefully, if my budget holds out, I'll be attending a match next month.

Originally Posted by Huber View Post
Congrats now its in your blood
No doubt! I think it was the most intense shooting experience I've ever had in my life. I'm not quite sure if IDPA tops getting to shoot the .50BMG M2 machine gun...but it's pretty darn close.
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