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Originally Posted by johns9761 View Post
I just attended the IDPA shoot held by the Indiana County Bow and Gun Club (in Indiana, PA) on May 07th. WHAT A BLAST! General Competition I have to say that I learned a lot about how my gun and I perform under dynamic shooting conditions. My gun ran great. I, on the other hand, did not. Although, I can say that I had a consistent sight picture...consistently terrible. For the first few stages I was so focused on speed that my technique went right down the crapper. It wasn't until after the 3rd of 5 stages that I began to slow down and make my hits count. And guess what, my time actually improved a little. Now how 'bout that?!?! I guess "smooth is fast" after all!

I was running my Remington 1911R1 (slightly modified). Although taking my Glock 17 would have probably been better, and cheaper, my 1911 is my carry gun so I wanted to get some good "real-world" simulation with it. She ran like a total champ. We only had one FTF and that was 100% operator error. I didn't properly seat the magazine prior to starting the stage. Nothing a quick tap-rack-bang didn't fix.

If anybody is interested, the ICBGC does an IDPA match the first Saturday of every month from March through October (registration starts promptly at 0900). Rumor has it, the Oct match is going to be a 3-gun shoot. If you want directions or more info, feel free to PM me. The matches are well laid out and the "old-timers" really try to help out the new guys.

Here is a link to the club website:
Shooting competition is addicting. I started with IDPA then tried USPSA then three gun. I love shooting all of it.
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