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Originally Posted by Medic3166 View Post
Personally, I would have gotten the story from you inside the house. No need in making the patient talk and risk increased bleeding due to the movement of the jaw (other than answering the basic questions to assess mental status).

I'd probably confirm the story with just her in the back of the rig, but it's not my job to investigate possible DV cases. If she tells me you beat the crap out of her, then I'll relay that to the hospital. I'm not going to hound her to make sure the trip and fall story is accurate.
And your answer makes the most sense. Anyone with even a modicum of investigative experience knows that if you want to find answers, you don't interview people together. Further, you would not be delaying medical care. I think that is what made me the most angry, medical care was not being administered while people who are not trained in any law enforcement experience are trying to play detective.

Now, as for the SO in the situation presented, if he had a concern, he could have conducted his interviews at the hospital. But, then again, he looked like a shiny and just out of the box rookie, so he probably couldn't figure that much out this early in his career.

My other thought is that these folks were doing these things for their convenience, which brings me down to my chief irritation, a delay in medical care.

In the case of my son, I had to insist that because it was a head injury a collar should be used along with a stretcher. I am nowhere an EMT, but I figure that is just common sense. In fact, even with two EMT's there, they had me hold his head straight for them.

I think what it boils down to, is it is pretty rural, there is a pretty good level of poverty and probably a lack of knowledge. This coupled with a high population of substance abuse that leads to more DV situations.

However, it is still very frustrating.
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