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I have experienced similar when helping an injured female neighbor when I lived in an apartment building. The medical people seemed more interested in "collecting evidence" of my guilt than in providing medical care to the injured neighbor. She had to tell, the EMTs, then the admitting nurse, then the attending nurse, then the doctor that she had an epileptic seizure and fell all by herself in her own apartment and that I did not assault her, but only provided care for her when she came stumbling/bleeding out of her apartment.

None of them seemed to believe her and all them stared at me as if I was Satan himself.

It pissed me off plenty. I walked away every time they started the questioning so there would be no appearance of her being intimidated by me. I wondered what would have happened to me if she simply could not remember what happened. Makes me *almost* want to turn my back on any woman in trouble.

I understand questioning related to causation for the purposes of providing appropriate care, but medical people should do medical stuff and leave the evidence collection to the police, IMHO.

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