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Originally Posted by crankme30 View Post
Thanks for all the responses... The load data is for a 5" barrel with 1:16" twist using Federal 150 primers.... I am using CCI 300 primers and shot my reloads out of both my XD45 tactical with 5" barrel and my 1911 with 5" barrel. The results were very close. I also tried some factory ammo and was getting over 800 FPS so I dont think it is the Chronograph.

I have loaded around 1000 rounds so far and this was the first chance I had to chrono any of them. I will be using these loads for USPSA, so I was concerned when I realized I wasnt making major power factor. I guess I will see if I can get another Chrono to use, otherwise I will just continue to work up the loads until I get to where I need to be. Of course I will keep looking for signs of pressure. I was concerned because the max load is 5.3GR and I am at 4.5 and my velocity is alomost 100 FPS under the Minumum load velocity.

Thanks again for the replies.
The load data you are referencing is for a Hornady FMJFN bullet with a COL of 1.200". I assume you are using Precision Delta's FMJ RN bullet.

Load data that might be closer to your bullet could be found in the Speer manual. They show a 230gr. TMJ RN bullet with a starting load of 5.6gr. of 231 at a COL of 1.260" and a Max charge of 6.2gr. 231 at COL 1.260" at 858fps in a 4.4" barrel.

I would check your COL and continue to increase your load slowly, it looks like you have sufficient room to achieve the velocity you desire safely.
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