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Originally Posted by crankme30 View Post

I am fairly new to reloading, I have only loaded 45ACP and have only used hodgdon HP38/Win231 powder and Precision Delta 230Gr FMJ bullets using a Dillon Square Deal B press.

According to Hodgdon's load data, 4.2gr of HP38 at 1.200 AOL should make 751 FPS with a Hornady 230gr FMJ FP. That is the closest data I could find as nothing is listed for the precision delta 230gr FMJ. When I chrono my loads using 4.5 gr of HP38 I am averaging only 660 FPS.

Anyone else have issues with results that far off from listed velocity? Is there something I could be doing wrong? Any input would be appreciated.

Understand this, your gun is your gun, the book data may use something entirely diff. You are likely to not get the identical vel even if using the identical components. Trying to achieve printed data using a chronograph can be frustrating at least & disasterous at worst, if you don't understand the relationship. Example, you will never get book vel using your G36 w/ any published data not put together in a G36. Even then, you could have as much as 50fps diff between the same guns w/ identical loads.
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