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Originally Posted by crankme30 View Post

I am fairly new to reloading, I have only loaded 45ACP and have only used hodgdon HP38/Win231 powder and Precision Delta 230Gr FMJ bullets using a Dillon Square Deal B press.

According to Hodgdon's load data, 4.2gr of HP38 at 1.200 AOL should make 751 FPS with a Hornady 230gr FMJ FP. That is the closest data I could find as nothing is listed for the precision delta 230gr FMJ. When I chrono my loads using 4.5 gr of HP38 I am averaging only 660 FPS.

Anyone else have issues with results that far off from listed velocity? Is there something I could be doing wrong? Any input would be appreciated.


What barrel length are you shooting your reloads from and what barrel length does your load data use, this can make a big difference. Also any time you are comparing different manufactured bullets they can vary because harder or softer materials used in the manufacture of the different bullets affects pressure.

Any time barrels, components, seating depth, crimp, and any other variables are different, your velocity can and usually will be different.

The velocities given in loading manuals only give the velocity they acheived with that load and their componants and their gun, and are guidlines for you. Your results will always be somewhat different.

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