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What's up with my brass?

Question for the reloading experts out there...what is causing my cases to split like this?

Details of load:
Both are 9mm, the one on the left is WWB and the one on the right is Federal (the cheap Walmart stuff).
Montana Gold 115 grain hollow point.
Accurate #5 @ 6.2 grains
OAL is at 1.1300"

I'm pretty anal about my brass, and sort it by number of times fired. This is what two out of a batch of about 500 looked like after being loaded and fired 4 times (included the factory loading).

6.2 grains is within the loading limits provided by Accurate Powder (loading data here: The recoil feels slightly softer than the factory ammo (again WWB and Federal). Also, I tried using slightly less powder at one point (at 5.9 grains), and it would not function in my well used G19.

I was under the impression brass was supposed to last for many reloads (10 times?).

I believe my loads are pretty soft, but it looks like it is too much pressure for the brass?

Any help would be appreciated.

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