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New G36 range report

So Iíve listened to a lot of the debate back and forth between the G36 and the G26. Both seem very popular and have their own dedicated following. My decision to go with the G36 was primarily based on the 45 ACP round. I already own/have owned a G30 and G21. Enjoyed both very much. I also own a 1911 that is a dream to shoot.

Iíve always leaned towards the 45 ACP. Recently I read the conglomerate of postings from the Atlanta ME and that has pretty much sealed any questions I might have regarding the 9mm vs 45 ACP debate.

I had read some postings about reliability issues with the G36. Itís been said that there are some lemons out there. That said, I took the risk and bought one anyway. I also added the Pierce +1 magazine extensions to my magazines. Hereís my report.

The first trip to the range I shot 250 rnds of WWB and 12 rnds of Rem Golden Saber 185 +P.

First impression was it had much more recoil than the G30. I have big hands and itís a bit harder to get a solid hold on the slim G36 frame. My groups were not great at first. After trying a few different grips I found one that worked for me and it was a little easier to handle and the groups improved.

My first trip yielded 2 FTLs and 2 FTFs. Throughout out the day I was conscious not to limp wrist my grip. Not flawless, but not a huge concern either. Notably, the Golden Sabers, my SD CCW round of choice, had no issues.

For my next trip to the range I brought a box of Winchester SXZ training rounds, some Remington UMC JHPs and some Golden Saber 230 P. I also added a Pachmayr #5 slip-on grip.

I shot a total of 150 rnds that day. I did have a problem with one of the UMC rounds loading, but after a couple repeated FFLs with the same round, I determined it was the round and not the gun/shooter. Also, at risk of stating the obvious, the Golden Saber 230 P was much more comfortable to shoot than the GS 185 +P.

So, trying some different ammo seamed to help. I plan to continue to feed it different stuff and eventually return to the WWB to see if it does better after a break in period. Also, the slip on grip did make a noticeable difference in my ability to control the recoil.

Iím a huge fan of the TruGlo night sites. They are by far the brightest thing Iíve seen on the market. Theyíre great for both day and night/dark shooting. Unfortunately, the design of the G36 doesnít support the TruGlo sites without some modification to the nut (grinding if down) that holds the front site down inside the slide.

Any comments from G36 owners on their experience with TruGlo or any other night sites?

I noticed that the size and shape of the G36 is almost exactly the same as my wifeís G19. The G36 also fits very well into a Galco SILHOUETTE HIGH RIDE HOLSTER for a G21.

Iím glad to hear any of your commentsÖ

And props to Eric to weathering the storm and getting GlockTalk back online in short order. Bravo Zulu!


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