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Crossbreed SuperTuck: Customizations/Personalizations?

How have you've tweaked and personalized your Crossbreed SuperTuck (CBST)? Mine below. Yes, it's very fugly, but now works even better for me. Yours?

1) Started out as a 1911 Rail holster (got it cheap) and changed to G30 (via heat gun)
2) Combat cut (to assist draw) and removed all excess leather on sweat guard and below grip
3) Cut at mag release to prevent unintented release (was happening while seated in bucket seats; tried to dimple first, but that did not work)
4) Trimmed extra leather at muzzle
5) Shortened front clip and shaped leather (carry at 3 'oclock and clip was pressing into my leg while seated)
6) Moved both clips in about 1" and trimmed leather to reduce overall profile (same issue as #5, plus reduced excess leather in rear)
7) Treated with leather conditioner (to remove sqeak and to after heat gun noted above)
8) Tried snap loops (note holes at top of holster on back) but sat too high.
9) May get around to shortening back clip, too (just to reduce profile even more)

Carry Issues

1911 rig
Carry Issues
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