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bicycle and trailer for SHTF

I bought a bicycle to help get into shape. Now that the weather is getting better I canít even look at my bicycle without my four year old wanting to go along, As you can imagine it is not much of a workout when a four year old is riding her own bike with you. My solution was to buy a bicycle trailer. I thought a bicycle trailer makes sense for hauling a kid and working out. Also it could be real handy during SHTF.

When it is empty you donít even notice the trailer on the bike. However when you have some weight back there it is another deal entirely. With my 40 pound daughter I dropped down two gears on level ground. Coming to any grade and it just got miserable. I just went on half of my normal route and I am whipped. Anyone who plans on using a bicycle or a bicycle and trailer better get used to riding it before they need to use it for real.
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