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I've sent three for repair out of the dozen or so I've owned,,,Once I lent out my old vintage Charter undercover to a friend of mine ...he ran about 50 +P down the pipe and the screw backed out of the cylinder latch causing the latch to be lost...being that it was a old gun MKS charged me a low flat rate to repair the gun....
2nd. one I dropped a hammerless 44 Bulldog and cracked the grip frame...I sent it back for repair and they repaired it free...
3rd, was my 357 mag, snub that is pictured ....same senerio as the first except I was firing 158gr 357 Mag. down the pipe,,I should have checked the screw after 50 + rounds....
which these are not big issues I've had similar problems with Smiths ,Rugers and Taurus..but by far the best customer service is always with Charter.
There frame design was copied by Ruger for there Security Six, Speed Six , Police Six , SP101, GP100 and also copied by Dan Wesson and all companies copied there hammer block safety ..
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