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Originally Posted by SPIN2010 View Post
Well, I hate to break the news to you, but you missed by about 1000 miles. My UI was from NY (not Ohio) and I did not create the system. In fact I took my ex employer to the DOL for illegal termination (not lay off), and the DOL awarded me UI so, probably ought to do your research more carefully before blanket statements are made.
Actually, you missed the point. It doesn't matter OH or NY. I never said the you were not entitled to your initial unemployment. The unemployment "extensions" that the federal government was paying out were never funded by unemployment insurance paid for by you or your employer. Since the money wasn't being funded from unemployment insurance funds, it had to come from somewhere else. That somewhere else is the earnings of others (taxes) or it was borrowed (future taxes). You stated that "my UI cut off by the vote in congress". Reality is that they just stopped paying you money that you were not really entitled to get to begin with. Be thankful that your fellow Americans gave you the extra "extension" money to begin with. Certainly don't act like you've been done wrong when you were the one that received the handout.
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