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Originally Posted by Bret View Post
It's kind of ironic that you believe your ex-wife isn't entitled to what you have to pay her but at the same time express that you feel entitled to the earnings of unknown strangers.
Well, I hate to break the news to you, but you missed by about 1000 miles. My UI was from NY (not Ohio) and I did not create the system. In fact I took my ex employer to the DOL for illegal termination (not lay off), and the DOL awarded me UI so, probably ought to do your research more carefully before blanket statements are made.

And BTW "No" she isn't entitled to it (the kids are) as she "went part time" during the divorce proceedings, the local county magistrate backed her up (she is a local offical, I might mention) by an increase in my support due to 3yr standard of living calculations combining her full time earnings with mine. Thats fair, right?

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