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If you have no experience in loading and do not have unlimited access to a very experienced loader may I suggest you pick up a copy of The ABC's of Loading.

This will answer many of the questions you already have about loading and provide you fodder for questions that you may never have thought of otherwise. It will not only give you an excellent overview of loading in general but also introduce you to the different loading equipment available in the market place. While equipment recommendations from friends and other loaders are always well meaning they are often solicited from people whose experience might be questionable or don't take into consideration your current monthly round expenditure and foreseeable increase, number of calibers that will be loaded, available space for construction of loading bench(s), and the inevitable input but the household domestic engineer... if applicable.

By far the most common range/target load is the 200 grain LSWC. They are the least expensive projectile when bought commercially and a very simple projectile to cast.

Because the .45 is a low pressure round it is a very easy round to load for and depending on your intended use you have a plethora of powders to choose from.

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