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New 1911 Owner!

Hey guys and gals,

So I am crazy excited because my first ever 1911 should be coming in today!
I have had many polymer pistols, but have always wanted a 1911. Never thought I would get one anytime soon between all the schooling I have to pay for and everyday bills etc. Well that changed when I bought a RIA earlier this week, for $387.00 brand new, shipped,and FFL transferred. It was an amazing deal that I just knew I had to have.

So I am now jumping headfirst into this whole new information pool about the 1911. I just recently joined Glock talk and have been learning and reading tons about the glock pistols. Now I have even more information overload haha.

My main questions are, and I am sure these have been asked by many new owners, (I have used google etc to search for some but wanted your guys opinions) #1. What grips look very good on these? I am debating between punisher grips, or some nice looking tactical grips. #2. I am getting into reloading with my girlfriends brother. Him and I both have RIA's and are wondering what a decent standard target reload recipe is. Possibly wanting a reliable defensive recipe as well if you have any. #3 Are there any things I should immediately do to my RIA to make it more reliable etc, I am wanting to carry this sometimes as well as take it to the range A LOT.

I will search more for the other questions I have rather than posting them all here since there would be hundreds Thanks a ton ahead of time guys! I love this forum, and everyones insight is much appreciated.
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