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To the OP, definitely go to court and get the money flowing in the correct direction. I have a guy that works for me that was in a very similar situation 20 years ago. The court ordered him to pay child support and soon afterward the kids came to live with him. He raised them up and didn't get money from his ex-wife to help. A couple of weeks ago we got a garnishment letter from the state of NY saying he owes $30k in back child support to her. We have no choice but to take it out of his check. Now he's in the position of having to beg her to go to court to undo the mess and he doesn't know if she will cooperate.

I have three guys that work for me who pay over half of their earnings in child support. I honestly don't see how they survive.

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my UI cut off by the vote in congress and they raised my child support.
As a business owner who pays unemployment insurance on behalf of employees in Ohio, I can assure you that unemployment insurance was not paid on your behalf by your employer for anything that Congress cut off. The unemployment "extensions" were never actually paid for with unemployment insurance funds. That's why Congress had to borrow the money to fund them. Sorry, but they cut off your welfare payments. I'm not trying to kick you while you're down, but be thankful for the earnings that were taken from others (or will be in the future) and given to you for as long as they were. It's kind of ironic that you believe your ex-wife isn't entitled to what you have to pay her but at the same time express that you feel entitled to the earnings of unknown strangers.
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