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I didn't like Ruger's LC9.

Last Sunday, I had an opportunity to hold a Ruger LC9. I had pretty high hopes for it, beings as I am looking for a slimmer carry gun for when I am out and about the town. My G26 will still be my primary and work gun for now.

It seemed well built and operated smoothly when I handled it. I was able to rack the slide just fine. Given, there are only one or two guns that have thwarted me so far in that department. I have okay-ishly strong hands for someone of my size (lack thereof).

The grip didn't fit in my hand well. It was a lot like holding one of their .22s, which is much like holding a 1x4 board, narrow, and very deep. The trigger pull was just too long for my small hands. Because my finger didn't reach well when the trigger was all the way forward, I nearly had to adjust my grip as I pulled the trigger further back in order to keep my finger from sliding off.

I really wanted to like it, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Looks like I'll have to wait for a Kimber or a Kahr.
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