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Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I'm older than she is!
Yeah, but I'll bet I FEEL older than you do. Ugh.

Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
The sleep of the just Sweetheart, no squeezing : hugs:: hearts::: smootchie:: iloveyou:

<<<Has something for Giving up and his cohorts.
Have at them.

<<<- steps out of the way of that bat.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
My daughter is flexible like that. I never could bend my arms back like that. You might have lost some of that even if you hadn't been shot. I keep saying when you turn 40 stuff starts falling off.

I think I gave you all of the assignments I thought up. You progressed past what I hoped you would accomplished.

I'll let you know if I think of something else.

Maybe we could do something totally unrelated, just for fun?[

Oh, ive got one. Tell us about your house. When you bought it, what you did to it, what it looks like, size, etc. Nothing too personal and identifying.
I think I wouldn't be quite so limber as I once was, but I'm sure I'd move better than I do now. My terrorist is still going to work on range of motion, just not as hard as before. He's doing more occupational therapy type stuff now. Seeing what things I can't do and working with alternative ways to do them. For example I can't push open a heavy door with my arms in front of me. What I have to do is put a shoulder against it carefully so I don't jolt my chest, then lean into it. There's one door I have to open a lot that's like that. Sometimes the people there that know me will dart over and open it for me, that's always appreciated.

I'm surprised to hear I've progressed beyond what you even hoped for. Knowing you I figure you actually hope I'll get completely over this. My shrink says he thinks I have a chance to get farther past a lot of this that many people do because of the sheer amount of time spent working on me.

OK, my house. It's a small 3 bedroom one bath brick house that I bought new in the late 80's. It cost about $40k at the time and the area never bubbled, so it's probably worth 60 now. I did do a lot of work on the yard, as you saw a while back. A lot of flowers and rocks. Pretty distinctive. I did all the work myself, no way I could afford to pay someone to do all that. Unfortunately there's no way I can do that kind of work anymore, so I'm having a contractor put in my back deck. A friend of mine is doing the arranging there. The only thing I've done to the house itself was to build a roof over a front deck I added. I now have more squ

are footage in decks than inside.

Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
<-------Self certified massage therapist. Seriously, I hope you get to feeling better.
I want proof of that.

<<<- requires personal demonstrations. Several of them. Maybe Engineer could come back and give me footrubs, too.

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
In all honesty Wolfe I find re-discovering who you are appealing.
How many times in your life have you heard 'if I only knew then, what I know now'? Well somewhere inside you do. It's still there, yet you have this beautiful second chance. You owe it to yourself, somehow I believe you know that or I think you would have given up a long time ago. I know we joke about these demons, but these demons are your thoughts and you have complete control over them. Fortunately because of who you are, you are cared for and a few cards have fallen into place. Lone_Wolfe you are getting better and the world is going to be a better place because of it. Everything that is part of this miracle of you still having life is going to go forward.
You're a blessing to all of us who get to know you a little bit. Thank you LW.
Yeah, but what if I donít like who I find out I am? Iíve often wondered that.

If I could go back in time knowing what I know now things would be so different. How far can I go back? 2008? I decline the Afghanistan vacation so I donít get shot. 1994? I donít marry me EX, and I save myself a lot of heartache. 1982? I keep my husband from driving anywhere that night so a drunk driver canít kill him. I can think of several others, those are just a few of the high points. But now I get to take everything Iíve learned so far and try to go forward in life. I have to relearn a lot of things, and learn how to do some things different.

I know those demons in my head are really inside my own head. Itís just easier and a fitting description to call them demons, because is a sense they are. Plus if I refer to them as demons I can picture you folks having a GT bash-fest on them and thatís therapeutic. Itís visualizing the help youíre giving me in banishing those thoughts from my head a little at a time.

For every blessing to you, youíre 100 times the blessing to me. Thank you all, too.
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