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Originally Posted by okie View Post
Keep your chin up dear, love you sweetheart: hearts:
Love you too, okie.

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
If her Iris are blooming, take some pics!
Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
^^^Yeah, I want to see that too!
^^^ What they said!

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
LW, doggie is sick. She has been puking and pooping all night.
I boiled some burger and got a pepcid down her. I cancelled tonight.
I won't leave her or kennel her like this.

I'm glad your chest relaxed. How's the sleep? Are you sleeping in your chu,
or going in? I get extra worried when you're up too long. You know it makes
everything worse.
Awww, poor Chloe! I'll still pet her fur off, but first I'll cuddle her until she feels better.

I'm in my CHU tonight, pretty doped up and waiting to zonk. I thought I was going to about an hour ago, but a nightmare was waiting just as I dozed off. So I jerked awake and I'm trying again. Yeah, this sleep problem is what wears on me the most. I get tired and depressed, then Giving Up and his buddies start whispering in my ear and I start listening.

Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I don't think anyone was killed in THAT fire, but a volunteer firefighter was killed last week about 60 miles from here.


What a cute pic. Wherever did you get it? : whistling:

Ummmmmmmm, I found it somewhere on the internet? ......... Like maybe my inbox?

I'm glad to hear you have normal range of motion in your arms. That sounds like great progress.

If you can, see if you can get a scalp massage. You won't care about anything. Glad it was a woman for you.

I know coming home for good will be difficult for you, being the "real" world and all. God has been taking good care of you. He's not going to quit now.

You won't ever forget, but you can learn to deal with it. I think you are making great progress in that regard. Your way up the top of the mountain from where you were when you did my first writing exercise. I'm so proud of you.
A scalp massage, eh? Sounds interesting. What doc and terrorist are calling normal isn't my normal, but within the range that's considered acceptable. U used to be able to clasp my hands behind my back and then turn my elbows inward until they almost touched. Now I can't even put my arms far enough back to be handcuffed without serious pain. Guess I'd better not take up a life of crime.

I think in so many ways I've forgotten how to live in the real world that I can't even comprehend it all right now. A comment my shrink made a while back was that when I died and had to be revived, then went through the long recovery with the drug reactions, it's like I'm being reborn. Not in the religious sense, but in that I have to rediscover who I am, and the world around me. I know I could really feel that when I had my first big breakthrough a little over a year ago. When I really came to terms with having almost died I was looking at things like the moon as if I'd never seen them before. As someone in here said, in a sense I hadn't. Well this is the only world I've seen, the only world I know. The trips to the States felt like I was going to another world. Even the house I've owned for 20+ years felt completely foreign to me, not my own.

Thank you for that, you have been a part of it. All of you. I take it I'm finished with the writing assignments? My shrink made it sound like he had another bench session planned, but hasn't mentioned it since.
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