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Originally Posted by BobInTX View Post
I just heard on the news that a guy from our church lost his home to one of the grass fires today.
I'm sorry to hear this and hope no one else is in danger.

Originally Posted by 23skidoo View Post
Hi Sweetheart! Can I come out of hiding now? I'll wash and wax your Mustang. The sleep of the just Sweetheart.::
Do you really think just one washing and waxing will get you out of the doghouse after that suggestion?

Originally Posted by sawgrass View Post
LW, doggie is sick. She has been puking and pooping all night.
I boiled some burger and got a pepcid down her. I cancelled tonight.
I won't leave her or kennel her like this.

I'm glad your chest relaxed. How's the sleep? Are you sleeping in your chu,
or going in? I get extra worried when you're up too long. You know it makes
everything worse.
sawgrass I really hope your dog will be OK. Wolfe has told me how much she wants to meet that dog and you. She is very cute.

Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
OK, here goes a cuteness overload. ::

My chest isn't screaming so bad anymore, the muscle relaxers worked well on the spasms. My physical terrorist was pretty happy today too. He tested my range of motion and while I can't pull my arms back near where I used to be able to, he said the range I have now is considered normal. The only thing still subpar is my air intake capacity. I still can't expand my chest as well as I need to be able to. It's better than it was, though.

I have some really mixed feelings about coming home that I may talk more about in the next couple days. I want to talk to my shrink about it some, to see if the things I'm thinking are normal. Wait, is anything going through MY head normal? ::

My shrink session went OK today, not as bad as some sessions.I didn't get much sleep at all last night, so he had an easier time pushing me until I snapped and then cried a little. That was what he wanted, and he said he thinks I've gotten most all of the crap out of my head. He said next I'll have to sort it out and find a place to put it in my head where I can accept it all. I think I know what he meant by that, but I'd rather not have it there at all. But I guess forgetting isn't an option. I wouldn't want to forget Greg or his sacrifice anyway.
BobInTX your granddaughter is darling! I may have to rethink my warning to my engaged daughter about making me a grandmother before I turn fifty.

It really does sound like good news is coming from both sides. I have mixed thoughts about you coming home right now too. You are getting the care you need and finally making good progress. That makes me wish you could stay for a while longer but Lady Glock has a good point to. You need to readjust to life at home. Besides the flowers in your yard are in bloom and look beautiful.

No matter what is decided you keep working and progressing as fast as you have been lately. BobInTX is right in that you are making great progress.
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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe
I mean, Iím mentally ill, not mentally deficient! There's a difference between psycho and stupid.
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