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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Wow, sad news. He and his are in my prayers. No one was hurt I hope?

OK, here goes a cuteness overload.
Okie Memorial Area

My chest isn't screaming so bad anymore, the muscle relaxers worked well on the spasms. My physical terrorist was pretty happy today too. He tested my range of motion and while I can't pull my arms back near where I used to be able to, he said the range I have now is considered normal. The only thing still subpar is my air intake capacity. I still can't expand my chest as well as I need to be able to. It's better than it was, though.

He was working on strenght exercises with me today and said he'd set me up for a massage after my session. He thinks that'll do me a lot of good getting the damaged area to loosen up. I was apprehensive because of the location, but went into the massaged therapist's office anyway. I didn't know it, but we have a new massage therapist in town and it's a she. She's there in another job, but her civilian job included massage therapy and she agreed to see me. I laid down and she did her thing right down both sides of the sternum, but she wasn't as rough as I expected. It seemed to help a little bit, so she said she'd try to see me at least once a week.

I have some really mixed feelings about coming home that I may talk more about in the next couple days. I want to talk to my shrink about it some, to see if the things I'm thinking are normal. Wait, is anything going through MY head normal?

I think I got off light in the pain flare-up this time. At least in that it passed fairly quickly, because when it was happening it didn't feel mild. Doc wants to keep me on a mild muscle relaxer during the day, along with the knock me on my butt ones I take at night. I like the idea of those extra-gentle hugs, but then don't I always?

My shrink session went OK today, not as bad as some sessions.I didn't get much sleep at all last night, so he had an easier time pushing me until I snapped and then cried a little. That was what he wanted, and he said he thinks I've gotten most all of the crap out of my head. He said next I'll have to sort it out and find a place to put it in my head where I can accept it all. I think I know what he meant by that, but I'd rather not have it there at all. But I guess forgetting isn't an option. I wouldn't want to forget Greg or his sacrifice anyway.
I don't think anyone was killed in THAT fire, but a volunteer firefighter was killed last week about 60 miles from here.

What a cute pic. Wherever did you get it?

I'm glad to hear you have normal range of motion in your arms. That sounds like great progress.

If you can, see if you can get a scalp massage. You won't care about anything. Glad it was a woman for you.

I know coming home for good will be difficult for you, being the "real" world and all. God has been taking good care of you. He's not going to quit now.

You won't ever forget, but you can learn to deal with it. I think you are making great progress in that regard. Your way up the top of the mountain from where you were when you did my first writing exercise. I'm so proud of you.
"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me". Philippians 4:13.

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