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Originally Posted by 9x45 View Post
In this video the only time my finger is off the trigger is during the run for the reload, otherwise on and prepped.
Like others have said, this is a DQ'able offense according to USPSA and IDPA if you are moving between positions and not actively engaging targets.

Originally Posted by 9x45 View Post
The RO didn't call it, I don't know how you can. I have seen a number of DQ's for all kinds of reasons in the last 40 years, and have seen at least a dozen people shoot themselves and others.

but I'm a 'B' class shooter and only joined 6 weeks ago. Ummmm, you don't look all that great, honestly. Your classification? Yes, no one ever has videos...... Classified in 6 weeks, you must have only shot classifiers then, I'm surprised Sedro Wooly could process it that fast

That stage was one week after a bout with pneumonia, B Class Open.
Just because the RO didn't call it doesn't make it any less against the rules or unsafe. The length of time you've been shooting and your classification have nothing to do with how safely you handle a firearm or your knowledge of the rules. The fact that you've supposedly seen so many people shoot themselves and other people tells me that safety must be pretty lax in your area. Run around with your trigger prepped in any other part of the country (or world) and you'll be DQ'ed in a heartbeat.

I've got videos. I've got multiple upper-level classifications in IDPA (and I'm working on a couple in USPSA). I'm not going to post them. Most D-class Production newbies know to keep their fingers off the trigger while moving. In fact, it's one of the first things mentioned in new shooter briefings at EVERY club I shoot with- USPSA and IDPA.
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