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Originally Posted by Rick from Kali View Post
here's a deal for you. enclosed is a picture of a Lee Pro-1000 that was given to me years ago and as you can see it has collected a lot of dust in those years. the press is missing parts(powder measure parts, primer assembly, case feed tubes) but the ram shaft is still tight on it. the shell carrier on it now is for loading .44 special and .44 mag. three ways you can go with this press. you can either build it back to a Pro-1000, or make it a three hole turret press or get the upgrade kit and make it into a 4 hole turret press. i also have a slightly used set of 9mm Lee dies that came with it. here's the best part of the deal.............. you can have them for FREE......... why you say???? because this stuff will probably stay around for more years collecting dust and i would rather give these things to someone who will use them. and help someone get into reloading at the same time.(i have six reloading presses) i live in so. cal and my girlfriend and i are supposed to make a trip up to Healdsburg the end of the month or the first of the year. i can drop the stuff off in Davis on the way or if you want it sooner you can just pay the shipping to you. so there you go."Merry Christmas"
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