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Last weekend was the first time I open carried my firearm. I had my Kahr PM9 in an OWB holster at 4 o'clock with my shirt tucked in on the way to the range. Stopped at a Sheetz to grab a cup of coffee and made the on spot decision to not put my jacket on to enter the store as it was a gorgeous morning. I was wearing a black t-shirt, jeans, and black ball cap with the letters "AFK" on it.

I was parked right in front, you know in the spots marked "cars only, no trucks", of the store. Got out walked into the store and as I entered the store my heart started pounding... "WTF?", I started thinking, "What the hell is wrong with me?" I did a quick scan of the store... and noticed it was pretty busy in there. I tried to actually register how many people, where they were, what they looked like, etc. but my nerves were getting more shot by the second as I walked in and went to the coffee counter.

I grabbed a cup and started looking at the little creamer cups trying to find a hazelnut one in among the Irish cream and others... while I did this I noticed a kind of scruffy looking guy move around the coffee counter to the other side while staring at me... He had obviously registered the gun as his eyes were wide.

Couldn't find a damn hazelnut creamer so said ok just half and half... I almost had tunnel vision by now and I was still trying to calm myself down and the guy staring at me wasn't helping. Put cream in the cup and reached for the coffee pot... and knocked the damn "this one is brewing sign" to the floor. Bent down to pick it up and put it back on the counter... grabbed the coffee pot (it was actually done brewing thankfully), filled the cup, and stuck a lid on it. The guy staring at me did a complete loop around the counter and got in line for the register while I was doing all this.

Turned around and there was still a line at the register... the guy that had been staring at me was just finishing and started walking toward the door. He wasn't staring any longer but kept glancing at me like to check where I was. Paid for the coffee quickly (clerk didn't bat an eye at me but there was no way he couldn't have seen the gun while I was standing at the coffee counter 10 feet away with my back to him) and headed for the door. Staring guy was standing there with the door open waiting for someone behind me... Said "Good morning, sir." as he held the door while I went through. Mumbled a "Good morning... thanks" as I went through.

Got in my car, put the coffee in the holder, started the car, picked up the coffee, took a sip...paused a bit... put the coffee back in the holder and drove off.

The spur of the moment decision to open carry wasn't too bright I think. I did not mentally prepare myself at ALL and was not prepared for the surge of emotion I experienced as I walked through the door. From that point on I had very little situational awareness, tunnel vision, and fixation on a single individual who was highly unlikely to have been a threat.

Not my finest moment.
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